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Article Creation

Enter a stock ticker to create a new Stockwiki article!

We recommend using the boilerplate text box above to begin creating pages on Stockwiki. You will only have to change tags and then add your information. We hope to improve documentation as time goes by.

Thing that will not be acceptable:

Removing of the 'News' area on the pages

Removing the 'Chart' area of pages.

Removing the 'Concerns' area on pages.

These WILL get your account and IP removed from our website as these are generally the actions of promoters and people who wish to spin a stock to their narrative. We will not allow this.

Our moderation and Admin teams do crawl the recent changes to validate them, do not attempt to pump or promote through the site.

Find any information incorrect?

If you work for one of these companies and believe any of the information is incorrect about your company, we ask them you first contact us with evidence to the contrary by messaging WikiSysop or change the information AND PROVIDE A SOURCE FOR YOUR CHANGE.

Citing Sources

We request that you CITE all of your sources on pages to prevent against plagiarism.

To cite a source, please use the following notation, the wiki will do the rest for you!

<ref>URL | Article Title | accessed=DATE | publisher=Who published the referenced article</ref>

And example of this would be:

<ref> | SLTD 8-K | accessed=14 May 2014 | publisher=OTC Markets</ref>

Adding a Stock Chart

To add a stockchart please use:




OTC for for OTC markets, NASDAQ for Nasdaq etc.

Adding Stock prices

To add stock prices please use:

Current Price:<stock>TICKER</stock>
Today's Volume: <stock volume>TICKER</stock>
Price Change:  <stock change>TICKER</stock>
Recent High:  <stock high>TICKER</stock>
Recent Low:  <stock low>TICKER</stock>


Current Price:<stock>SLTD</stock>
Today's Volume: <stock volume>SLTD</stock>
Price Change:  <stock change>SLTD</stock>
Recent High:  <stock high>SLTD</stock>
Recent Low:  <stock low>SLTD</stock>

Creating tables


{| class="wikitable"
! scope="col" colspan="2" | Share Structure
! scope="col" | As of
! scope="row"| Market Value
| $23,685,232
| May 12, 2014
! scope="row"| Shares Outstanding
| 275,409,669
| Mar 19, 2014
! scope="row" | Float
| Not Available
| Mar 19, 2014
! scope="row" | Authorized Shares
| Not Available
| Mar 19, 2014
! scope="row" | Par Value
| $4,037,936
| -

Gives you:

Share Structure As of
Market Value $23,685,232 May 12, 2014
Shares Outstanding 275,409,669 Mar 19, 2014
Float Not Available Mar 19, 2014
Authorized Shares Not Available Mar 19, 2014
Par Value $4,037,936 -

Wiki SEO Information

This is mostly for moderators to add to assist with getting pages looking correct on google.

|title=Your page title
|description=Your meta description will show up in google

Tags related to the Open Graph protocol

This can be added to the parser field above.

  • og:type
The type of your object, e.g., "". Depending on the type you specify, other properties may also be required.
  • og:image
An image URL which should represent your object within the graph.
  • og:site_name
If your object is part of a larger web site, the name which should be displayed for the overall site. e.g., "IMDb".
  • og:locale
The locale these tags are marked up in. Of the format language_TERRITORY. Default is en_US.
tags related to Open Graph type "article" [1]
  • article:author
  • article:publisher
  • article:tag
  • article:section
tags related to Facebook Insights[2]
  • fb:admins
  • fb:app_id
tags related to Twitter Cards[3]
  • twitter:card
  • twitter:site
  • twitter:domain
  • twitter:creator
  • twitter:image:src
  • twitter:description

  1. Open Graph type "article"
  2. Facebook Insights
  3. Twitter Cards