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News Archive Page.

June 6th 2014

Stockwiki was patched immediately after the release of the OpenSSL patch that addresses the new SSL exploit found here: We are currently up to date and secure. Stockwiki encrypts all user passwords for safety!

May 28th 2014

We are glad that people enjoyed our DNAX DD and the run today wasn't too shabby!

May 25th 2014

In collaboration with our chat room is now shared through an IRC webchat. We have an in-webpage client now available through the sidebar! We also now have a logo, how long we will keep this logo is anyones guess because I made it and art isn't my strong point.

May 20th 2014

Stockwiki now has a chat room! If you would like to use the chat room please create a stockwiki account and then go to

News updates on Wiki pages will now update every few minutes with up to date news, AUTOMATICALLY. This should allow all wiki pages to have correct and up to date news.

May 18th 2014

I've had to disable the collapsible nav, for the time being, to comply with a Google policy. I'm working on a fix so that I can bring it back. I also have an artist working on our logo! So that should be up and done within the next week.

I've added user interactions. You can now message other users more easily, add friends, follow, watch users (even foe them). This should be good for everyone keeping tabs on each other and add a bit more of a social construct to the Wiki.

May 15th 2014

We now accept Bitcoin donations! We appreciate any donations that we receive and they all go back into hosting costs!

Bitcoin donation!

May 15th 2014

Users no longer need to confirm email addresses to edit pages. HOWEVER, you do still need to register. This is to prevent mass spamming of wiki pages and to make everyone's life a little easier :).

May 14th 2014

Added new pages, categories, improved security on the web server/mail server. Templates should now also be improved. There is still a small problem with infoboxes on some pages and I'm looking into the cuase of that issue.

May 13th 2014

The templates are starting to come together, could do with a little more info on the companies.

May 13th 2014:

The Wiki should now be fully functional and secured. We now need a logo and a few other pages to have this completed. If anyone would like to make us a logo please email or message us on twitter!

May 11th 2014:
We now have SSL for login! We should also now not go to your Spam box through Gmail. I have not yet tested for Yahoo/Live but I'll do that when I have time (as it isn't a priority right now).

May 10th 2014:

The initial templates are being constructed. Please copy the WDAS layout (for the time being):

May 9th 2014:
The Wiki has now been moved to a VPS, has info boxes and is close to fully functional. Real templates will now be created and the wiki should be fully operational within the next week. Big milestone! The old news section is in a backup somewhere and it's the last thing on my mind so I won't be re-adding it. This is more than good enough.